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This Edgewood NM Handyman installs dog doors and cat doors.  I love my pets and I know you do also.  I can save you the hundreds of hours per year that you are currently spending to let your pet in and out of your home.  Every New Mexico home can have a Pet Door installed.  Some just take a little more creativity than others.  Many of these pet doors are portable so you can take them with you when you move.

Liberate yourself and you pet today by calling me, the Edgewood New Mexico Handyman at (505) 633-5588 and having me install a pet door for the pet(s) that you love.

Check out my other pet services below.  If you don’t see what you are looking for, just ask the Edgewood Handyman!


Edgewood New Mexico Handyman Services for Pets Include . . .

  • Installed in Sliding Glass Doorway
  • Install in Exterior Walls
  • Install in Interior Walls
  • Installed in Screen Door
  • Installed in Glass Doors
  • Installed in Wood Doors
  • Installed in Exterior Doors
  • Installed in Interior Doors
  • Pet Doors for Cats
  • Pet Doors for Dogs
  • Pet Doors for other Pets
  • Pet Barriers
  • Pet Gates
  • Pet Watering Setups
  • Pet Shade
  • Pet Damage Repairs
  • and more! What does your pet need . . .

*Speciality licensed associates are engaged to perform some of these tasks.

Use “Request Service” form to schedule your pet services –  –  –  – >


Some of my other Edgewood NM Handyman Services include . . .
Re-finish Kitchen Cabinets
Paint Garage Floors


I provide expert handyman service in the these East Mountain communities . . .

  • Handyman in Whispering Spirit Ranch
  • Handyman in Via Entrada
  • Handyman in Canyon Ridge Estates
  • Handyman in Twin Pines
  • Real Estate in Edgewood NM
  • Homes For Sale in Edgewood New Mexico
  • Homes For Rent in Edgewood NM


I can always be found at www.NeedHandyman.com


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