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This East Mountains NM handyman understands that small home improvements can make a big difference in how you can enjoy your home.  One nice room becomes a great room with fresh coat of paint and a unique faux featured wall.  Using the closet space can make a great home office.

Installing a security door will allow you to enjoy the 200 days of nice weather that we enjoy here in New Mexico.  Installing a main water shut-off valve will pay off big time next emergency.

Need less clutter in the garage?  Call this East Mountains New Mexico handyman at (505) 633-5588 to install some organizing shelving.


East Mountains NM Handyman Home Improvement Services Include . . .

  • Add A Doorway
  • Remove A Doorway
  • Install Additional Lighting
  • Add Main Water Shut-off
  • Install Garage Cabinets
  • Install Pet Doors
  • Install Security Door
  • Install Attic Ladder
  • Install Decking in Attic Area
  • Add Attic Fan
  • and more . . .

*Speciality licensed associates are engaged to perform some of these improvements.

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Some of my other East Mountains Handyman Services include . . .
Paint Touch-up Service
Re-Caulk Tub & Shower
Caulk Exterior Cracks in Walls, Decks and Concrete


I provide expert handyman service in the these East Mountain communities . . .

  • Handyman in Vallecitos
  • Handyman in Richland Meadows
  • Handyman in Tablazon
  • Handyman in Summer Breezes Estates, AZ
  • Homes for Sale in Rancho Verde
  • Handyman in Nature Point
  • For Sale By Owner in Nature Point
  • Real Estate in Zip Code 87008
  • Foreclosures in Zip Code 87059
  • Real Estate in Paa-ko


I can always be found at www.NeedHandyman.com


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