Handyman Services – Energy Savings

This Moriarty NM Handyman can help you save energy and energy dollars.

A leaky faucet can waste gallons of water per month and raise your water bill.  Is old weather stripping around your exterior doors adding to your electric bill?

How many hours per week are your bathroom fans running unnecessarily?

Call this Moriarty NM Handyman at (505) 633-5588 and let’s implement my 10 – Step energy savings recovery plan. Its like money in the bank.


Moriarty Handyman Services for Energy Savings Include . . .

  1. Insulate Water Heater
  2. Weather Stripping at Exterior Doors
  3. Sun Screens on Sunny Sides of Your Home
  4. Exterior Plugs and Light Switches
  5. Leaky Plumbing
  6. Energy Efficient Lighting
  7. Security Doors
  8. Check Windows for Air Leaks
  9. Bathroom Fan Timers
  10. Check Insulation Levels


Use “Request Service” form to schedule energy savings services –  –  –  – >


Some of my other Moriarty Handyman Services include . . .
Repair Pet Damage
DIY Rescue
Stucco Patch


I provide expert handyman service in the these East Mountain communities . . .

  • Handyman in Via Entrada
  • Handyman in Sandia Ridge Estates
  • Handyman in Magic Valley
  • Handyman in Fox Hills
  • Handyman in Fairly Estates
  • Handyman in Capital Estates


I can always be found at www.NeedHandyman.com


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