Handyman Services – DIY Rescue

This Edgewood New Mexico Handyman rescues Do It Yourself home improvement projects that have been started and now need a little help to get finished.

So you thought you could replace the bath room vanity or install a new door and things have gotten a little complicated. I can help un-complicate things and get your DYI projects finished.

The DYI Channel is one of my most valued sources of work. If you have a project started and can’t finish, call this Edgewood Handyman at (505) 633-5588 and I will gladly finish the project and make you look good.


Edgewood Handyman Services for DIY Rescue Include . . .

  • Plumbing Projects
  • Electrical Projects
  • Carpentry Projects
  • Door Projects
  • Window Projects
  • Assembly Projects
  • Demolition Projects
  • Cabinet Projects
  • Storage Projects
  • Painting Projects
  • Flooring Repair Projects
  • Caulking Projects
  • Energy Savings Projects
  • Drywall Projects
  • and more! What projects do your need finished . . .

*Speciality licensed associates are engaged to perform some of these tasks.

Use “Request Service” form to schedule diy rescue services –  –  –  – >


Some of my other Edgewood NM Handyman Services include . . .
Repair Broken Cabinet Door
Paint Media Room
Toilet Tune-ups


I provide expert handyman service in the these East Mountain communities . . .

  • Handyman in Cedar Crest NM
  • Handyman in Edgewood NM
  • Handyman in Tijers, NM
  • Handyman in East Mountains NM
  • Handyman in Moriarty NM
  • Handyman in Tijeras NM


I can always be found at www.NeedHandyman.com


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